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A Newbie's Guide to Vaping

The first time I walked into a vape shop, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. There were so many different options, from devices to nicotine levels and so on. Not only were there tons of options, but there were a lot of new terms being thrown at me. It was hard to understand. So, with the help of years of experience with The Vape Spot, we've put together this guide to help you go from Newbie to Pro in no time.

First Things First

Why do you want to vape? Have you ever tried a vaporizer? If so, what kind? Did you like it? These are all questions we like to ask our customers, because it helps us narrow down the right device for the right person. After all, some people vape to switch from traditional cigarettes. Some people want to blow clouds and do tricks. Some people just want to enjoy the flavor. There really is no wrong way to vape, and with so many different options available, it's no wonder everyone likes something different.

With that in mind, we have categorized vaporizers into two main types: Pods & Mods. There are other kinds of e-cigs available, but Pod Systems & Mod Kits are the most prolific. Pod Systems typically have a more restricted airflow, or Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) style airflow. Most Mod Kits, however, have a more open airflow, or Direct Lung (DL) style airflow. MTL airflow normally requires a coil of 1.0ohm or higher, while DL airflow is found on most sub-ohm coils (coils below 1.0ohm).

I know things just got complicated, so let's simplify it again:
More Power = Less Nicotine = Bigger Clouds
Less Power = More Nicotine = Smaller Clouds

No matter which type of e-cig you choose, all vaporizers have 3 main parts: a battery (to power the device), an atomizer coil (which heats up and vaporizes any liquid touching it), & e-liquid (which, when heated turns into vapor). 

So which system is right for you? Let's break them down and find out.


The Vape Spot - E-cigs & Supplies | Gulfport, Biloxi, D'iberville, Ocean Springs

Pod Systems are best for: cigarette smokers making the switch & vapers who still smoke cigarettes occasionally. Pod Systems use either a pre-filled cartridge or a refillable cartridge that snaps into place. When the small MTL coil burns out, as all coils eventually do, you simply replace the pod. These low powered devices are very discrete and easy to use. When paired with Nicotine Salts, Pod Systems can really help keep your cravings under control. We recommend the following nicotine levels based on how much a person smokes on a daily basis:
1/2 Pack = 25mg
3/4 Pack = 35mg
1 Pack = 45mg
1 1/2 Pack = 50mg
2 Packs+ = 55mg


The Vape Spot - E-cigs & Supplies | Gulfport, Biloxi, D'iberville, Ocean Springs

Mods Kits are best for: vapers looking to upgrade, people who want a "full-lung" feeling, and people who want more flavor. Mod Kits use refillable tanks that screw onto the devices using a "510 connection." When the DL coil burns out, as all coils eventually do, you simply replace the coil. These high powered devices can often push up to 300 watts of power. However, we've found that very few people actually vape over 150W, with most people vaping in the 40-60W range. Because Mod Kits have so much more power than Pod Systems, we recommend either 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength - higher nicotine strengths are normally too harsh for most people. Some people, however, have found it easier to make the switch from traditional cigarettes by using a Mod Kit with 12mg nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes can get a lot more complicated than this, especially when you start getting into rebuildables and mech mods, but the information in this article will help you get started on the right foot. Remember, there is no wrong way to vape!