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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? 

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We certainly think so. Since 2014, The Vape Spot has helped thousands of customers from Gulfport, Biloxi, D'iberville & Ocean Springs make the switch. It seems the American Cancer Society agrees with us too: "switching to the exclusive use of e-cigarettes is preferable to continuing to smoke combustible products." Even the country's leading cancer research groups agree that vaping is preferable to smoking traditional cigarettes!

But, is vaping healthier? That's the million dollar question. According to the FDA, there is no such thing as a safe cigarette, not even electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). No matter what they taste, smell, or look like, all tobacco products can be harmful to your health. The safest thing you can do is stop using tobacco products altogether.

However, the FDA understands there is a potential market for tobacco products that could present fewer health risks to consumers. These items are called modified risk tobacco products (MRTPs), and they are sold or distributed for use to reduce harm or risk of tobacco-related disease. Only the FDA can issue an order authorizing the marketing of a product claiming reduced harm or risk. Unfortunately, electronic cigarettes do not fall under the MRTP category.

We encourage you to research the position Public Health England has taken towards vaping. 

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